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Darwin Day Celebration

Mission Statement

The dual mission of Darwin Day Celebration is to promote public education about science and in addition to encourage the celebration of Science and Humanity throughout the global community including the general public, private and public institutions, science professionals, science educators at all levels, libraries, museums, the print and electronic media, and science enthusiasts everywhere. Science is our most reliable knowledge system. It has been, and continues to be, acquired solely through the application of human curiosity and ingenuity and, most importantly, it has provided enormous benefit to the health, prosperity and intellectual satisfaction for our human existence. These are worthy achievements for all people to celebrate!

To accomplish this mission Darwin Day Celebration will maintain an attractive website that provides potential participants with extensive educational material, together with examples and appropriate suggestions, on ways to develop meaningful celebrations. All participants are invited and encouraged to register their events on this website by going here in order to both advertise their celebrations and to develop a sense of common purpose among all participants.

To support this mission, Darwin Day Celebration will maintain an ongoing, continually expanding, international outreach effort, using all means at our disposal such as, lists of names and email addresses in the categories named above, in order to encourage participation. Press releases, email announcements and even snail mail invitations will be employed to promote this worthy cause. The countdown to 2009 -- Darwin’s 200th birthday, is underway. We hope you will join this effort and experience the satisfaction of participating with others to establish a positive celebration that reaches out to our entire Global Community! We believe it’s an idea whose time has come!!!